Message from the Principal

Dr. Shah Golam Nabi

Mugda Medical College
Mugda, Dhaka-1214, Bangladesh.


I feel immense pleasure from the core of my heart to welcome you all in the official website of Mugda Medical College. This Medical College has been established as a Government Medical College in the January2015 at the vibrant part of Dhaka metropolitan city. Since its establishment, yearly fifty medical students were enrolled till the academic year 2017; now sixty five medical students are being enrolled for every academic year with excellent undergraduate medical studies that has achieved maximum academic excellence in a short period time. This institution is committed to act of imparting and acquiring knowledge as a whole, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment in general preparation of oneself and other intellectuals for the mature life. Students of undergraduate medical program are being trained on the pattern of the latest concept in medical education with due emphasis on the highest standard of medical professionalism, empathy, human behavior, medical and social ethics. The academic program is not only focusing on various co-curricular activities but also allowing active participation which gives maximum opportunities to the admitted students as soon as they enrolled in the college. This medical college is enriched with various teaching departments which are well equipped having all the latest facilities to impart medical education and we have highly qualified faculty members having vast teaching experience with strong academic background.

In Bangladesh, the significant proportions of people are unable to receive better health care facilities due to their economic conditions and limitations, So that our Government has taken the responsibilities to make available better health care facilities for them. By understanding their problems and taking it into consideration our H’able Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made an order for establishing Mugda Medical College as a Center of excellence and also Medical Hub for all the people as well as for the whole country. From this Medical College Hospital all group of people in our country are receiving highest level of health care facilities at tertiary level with minimal costs. Before that, due to unavailability of health care facilities of these people our honorable Prime Minister the mother of humanity and the symbol of democracy, Sheikh Hasina established a five hundred bedded General Hospital in 2012 and further enhanced it as a MedicalCollege Hospital in 2015 in term of making accessible health care facilities to the hand of people in this locality and for the whole country. Here patients are getting excellent treatment and health care facilities through Emergency department, Coronary Care Unit, Intensive care Unit alone with twenty seven clinical departments. It is worthy noted that, this medical college runs with eight base science departments with highly skilled and qualified teaching stuffs.

I sincerely hope this official website serves its purpose of making the college accessible to all who wants to know about our institute. Your suggestions and feedback are highly appreciated.

Best Wishes!